Monday, 19 March 2012

Latest Holdings

As part of this blog, I plan to list current stock picks generated by my latest model that I have nicknamed the 'ShortWave'. This model is rather basic and is built upon MACD, RSI(4) and ADX. I shall just report its current notional holdings and see how things develop. I have no interest in these shares, and, as part of my policy of 'having no opinion', I often do not even know what the companies do or even what sector they are in.

Epic BuyPrice BuyDate
ARM 5.765 29/11/11
BGC 3.65 08/03/12
DRX 5.505 09/12/11
HIK 7.485 02/03/12
IGG 4.759 15/02/12
IMG 6.195 28/02/12
KENZ 4.664 13/03/12
SNR 1.86 15/02/12

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